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We employ a transformative learning process at our school that is designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom.

Each day is filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations for further growth. Our teachers create a safe and open environment, where they can guide students in exploring the world around them.

Summer Fun
Sculpture Little Corn island



Helping students of all ages boost their education and surpass their academic goals.


Join us from around the world and learn the most popular Sculpture tricks, tips, and techniques.

This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, to learn sculpture on a tiny Caribbean Island off the coast of Nicaragua. You will not only gain lifetime skills but you will also create great memories. 


There are no prerequisites to join our program as it is designed and developed for all levels. The classes will hold up to 8 students with a 2-year completion date. 

Whether you’re just curious about sculpting, a true beginner, or an experienced sculptor, you will learn to think of sculpture in an exciting new way that will impact your self-confidence, your creativity, as well as your skills.

Math Formulas


Focusing on the fundamentals of math.

Building students’ knowledge and skills in mathematics is one of the keys to the future. Our course covers the most important fundamentals of math concepts that will help you in everyday life, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and more. 


This course also teaches students how to quickly calculate material costs, work time estimates, and how to calculate the price of the artwork they create.


Open up more opportunities for you.

Students learn basic English, German, or Spanish for everyday situations and improve their listening skills. At the beginning of the course, students learn what to say when they meet new people, learn how to introduce themselves, and practice joining in on conversations. 


They work on reading, speaking, listening, and presentation skills. Students also learn basic grammar and common phrases. 


By the end of the course, they will be comfortable asking simple questions, talking with friends and family, and discussing work, school, and hobbies.

Female College Students
Still Life


Learn essential professional selling
and relationship management skills.

  1. Students learn practical skills that apply to any business and learn to build long-lasting client relationships.

  2. They get to explore the foundations of sales techniques, including prospecting, probing, identifying clients' needs, and dealing with sales objections.

  3. They then practice putting that into practice by learning how to develop a sales presentation and deliver a compelling introduction and sales pitch.


Soft Skills in the workplace are in demand.

Soft Skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, attitudes, career attributes, and emotional intelligence.


That knowledge enables students to navigate their life, their environment, and how to work well with others.

Many employers reported that Soft Skills are more important than many technical skills.

sculpture little corn island


The Creative Artwork of Cornelia Haslinger, Principal
The Sculpture School on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.

Become a sculptor and a member of our Caribbean island community. Increase your knowledge, grow your creative vision, and expand your skill sets.


Whatever learning path you choose, the Sculpture School of Little Corn Island is the right place to pursue your creative journey, advance your career, and improve your life!

We train and inspire youth for the next step in their artistic journey.


The Sculpture School of Little Corn Island offers a range of opportunities for study including math and language classes along with business skills in writing skills, communications, presentations, and hands-on professional assistance and instruction.


Making Education Possible!

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